Cauliflower Heart: Wrestling With Life

Cauliflower Heart: Wrestling With Life, the second in the Cauliflower Heart Trilogy is due out in mid August 2016. Cauliflower Heart: Wrestling With Life picks up where book one, Cauliflower Heart: A Romantic Wrestler ends. Not to give anything away from the ending of A Romantic Wrestler, for those who have not yet read it, I can say that it Claudine's struggle with life only gets harder, as she faces life in a much more vulnerable state of mind and body. In Wrestling With Life, she is more alone than she ever was and must find the strength somewhere, somehow to not only thrive, but even merely to exist, even within her family's own Imperial Wrestling Federation. But can she? And can the Imperial Wrestling Federation stay strong enough to keep her and the torn family together?

Please contact me for your advance order of Cauliflower Heart: Wrestling With Life at You can also order the award winning Cauliflower Heart: A Romantic Wrestler, the prequel to this one on-line too. Next year, Cauliflower Heart: She Who Laughs Last will be released, picking up where this latest leaves off.

Talk soon and thanks for keeping my "hart" beating.

xx Diana

The Cauliflower Heart Trilogy is proudly published out of W. Virginia, USA by Publishers Page and Headline Books.

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