Excerpt From CH2: Wrestling With Life

Chapter 5

The Actor and The Wrestler

Pages 55 - 56

Dempsey shook his head. "I'm basically just seethi', but all I can do is just sit here and talk about it," he said. "What am I goin' to do, put me fist through Dad's stone wall? Go out and actually56 take down this bastard Beake and end up goin' to jail? I'll have to sue him and that rotten tabloid he works for if he doesn't fix this? It just draws negative attention to the family, ha know? I'm ust gonna sit here and plan out me strategy."

Claudine could see the wheels turning behind her son's eyes.

"I've had it with all of us gettin' naught from people here when it comes to wrestlin'," he said. "I bet wrestlers don't get treated like this in Japan. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I want to get out of here. Mum, if the chance comes up to go to the dojo in Japan in the next few years, I'm goin' to give it a go. I hope you're all right with that. The really respect wrestling over in Japan. Then I'll come back here and make 'em beg me for an interview, 'cuz I'll be that much in demand one day. Toasty and me will be a famous tag-team like Dad and Toasty. It's only a matter of time."

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